A hint of caution in short term gold operations in the afternoon counter offensive 乌有之乡测试版

A hint of afternoon counterattack, short-term gold operation to be careful gold investment network February 24th news, gold prices unilaterally down Monday, since the opening of 1225 to become the intraday high, breaking the 1217-12181208-1207 key support position, and ultimately touched 1202 lines. In the establishment of the contour line started to adjust, to see 1192, gold prices stabilize 1202 but go four hours triangle consolidation pattern. Today’s financial calendar focuses on events – the French consumer confidence index, and then focuses on the UK housing mortgage license data, in the European recession is more intense, the domestic economic data performance can not be ignored. In addition, the European Union will issue an economic report, focusing on the European Union’s description of the euro area economy. The evening market is facing a series of American financial calendar data test, in these data, new housing sales data should focus on. In addition, trading crude oil can not ignore the impact of EIA crude oil inventory data on oil prices. Yesterday the price of gold continued Monday follow 1202 bottom concussion higher, breakthrough after 1217-1218 days of the stock market to evolve into upside shocks, although 1215-1222-1215-1225-1216-1227-1221-1232, yesterday too much also go to Zhongyang daily frustrations, eventually, engulfed Monday fell. The daily average of 510 days repeated alternating between negative and positive, around the shuttle, but don’t forget the adjustment period the international price of gold has broken the 1109-1263 bull trend, the international price of gold in the third stage – the trend trend failure, so there are repeated and 11000. This is not the continuation of Monday Tuesday in Zhongyang could continue, also need to focus on 1235-1237 can break open. Four hours triangle arrangement pattern is obvious, 1225-1202 of which are connected with Yin downward, and 1202-1232 belong to continuous row of broken Yang, but the international gold price still can not be established, today will continue to strengthen. Today’s gold price operation recommendations: not break through 1235-1237 before, not too strong to see, as a whole to maintain four hours triangle pattern operation. 1230-1231 empty, stop 1235, target 1224-1218, within the market if the success of breaking 1216-1215, we rebounded to continue with empty 1208-1206. Today’s gold price to more than 1206-1204, stop 1201, target 1214-1220. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

一迹象暗示午后反攻 短线黄金操作要小心   金投网2月24日讯,周一黄金价格单边下行,自开盘1225成为日内高点,一路下破1217-1218,1208-1207关键支撑位,最终触及1202一线。   就在确立周线上吊线展开调整,继续下看1192之时,黄金价格企稳1202而是走了四小时的三角整理格局。   今日财经日历关注事件–法国的消费信心指数,然后重点关注英国的房屋抵押贷款许可数据,在退欧炒作比较激烈的时候,英国国内的经济数据表现也不能忽视。   另外,时段内欧盟方面还会发布一份经济报告,关注欧盟方面对欧元区经济的描述。   晚间市场迎来一系列美国财经日历数据的考验,在这些数据中,新屋销售数据要重点关注。除此之外,交易原油的不能忽视EIA原油库存数据对油价的影响。   昨日黄金价格延续周一欧盘的1202探底震荡走高,突破1217-1218之后使日内的行情演变为震荡上攻,尽管1215-1222-1215-1225-1216-1227-1221-1232,昨日的偏多走的也是坎坷,最终日线报收中阳,吞没周一跌幅。   日线阴阳交错,围绕510日均线反复穿梭,但是国际金价不要忘记前期的调整已经打破了1109-1263的多头走势,国际黄金价格处于趋势第三阶段-趋势衰竭式,所以存在反复和洗盘。   周一的中阴未延续,周二的中阳能否延续还需要关注1235-1237能否突破打开。   四小时三角整理格局明显,其中1225-1202是连排阴下行,1202-1232属于连排碎阳,但是国际黄金价格依然不能就此确立今日会持续走强。   今日金价操作建议:   未突破1235-1237之前,不过分看强,整体保持四小时三角整理格局操作。   1230-1231空,止损1235,目标1224-1218,日内行情若成功下破1216-1215,我们反弹继续跟空看1208-1206。   今日黄金价格给1206-1204可多,止损1201,目标1214-1220。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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